Breakfast & Dinner


At Hotel Stefanie every holiday day starts with an extensive buffet breakfast. In the afternoon there is coffee and homemade apple strudel and curd cheese strudel. In the evening we create for you on six days a varied three to four-course menu of choice with salads from the buffet in the dining room or in the winter garden. Let yourself get pampered.


Start the day strengthened with our small and rich breakfast buffet. Simply put together your favourite breakfast yourself.

For the sweet ones there are different jams, honey and chocolate spread. For those who like it hearty: bacon, ham, salami, sausage, cheese, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. Served with freshly baked rolls, cream cheese, butter and margarine. Not to be missed are of course coffee, teas and juices as well as various muesli, our fresh fruit salad. With it natural yoghurt and fruit yoghurt from the region.

On request we prepare fresh egg dishes for you every day: soft boiled eggs, scrambled eggs or fried eggs with or without bacon.


The perfect end to a day in nature is and remains a good dinner. In addition to the traditional South Tyrolean cuisine, in the evening we will create homemade pasta dishes, Mediterranean delicacies and hearty meat dishes together with our kitchen team. And finally: self-created desserts.
In our kitchen we only use fresh ingredients. Preferably those which the season has to offer.

You can look forward to all kinds of specialities and enjoyable hours at Hotel Stefanie. And after the meal: a little walk with a view of the sea of lights of the nearby villages.